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Roman, Bamboo, Cellular and Roller Shades

Shades come in many styles with a large variety of fabrics, woods and textures to choose from. Shade are a more elegant form of window treatment allowing you to creat a more dramatic appearence for your windows thus making your window treatments a crucial part of any rooms decor.

Roman Shades

Drawn up from the bottom by means of cords and rings, these shades create horizontal folds when raised. hade & Light offers custom fabricated Roman Shades in four distinct styles suited for all decors.
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Bamboo Blinds

A Roman-styled shade made of bamboo reeds. Also called woven wood shades, bamboo shades or blinds, bring the beauty of nature indoors and are full of rich textures, beautiful colors and natural style.
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Cellular Shades

Cellular blinds or honeycomb blinds, are named for the empty pockets of air that run parallel to their seams. Cellular Shades are a fabric shade that combines two or more sheets of pleated fabric and are available in both single and double cell configurations.
Cellular Shades have light filtering fabrics that come in a variety of opacities and colors, giving you flexibility over the color used to accent your home.
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Roller Shades and Panel Tracks

Roller Shades, also known as roll up blinds and window shades, are made of vinyl or fabric attached to spring rollers and then mounted to the inside window casing or the window frame.
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